Alcatel One Touch – Best Cheap Smartwatch

By | May 19, 2017

Best cheap smartwatch is supposed to be an extension of our phones, which has become a not so small mini computer. The idea is to checking our watches, to get quick, at a glance information and save ourselves the time  for simple info: Who texted? Who called? Who emailed? Is it important enough to excuse ourselves and respond now, or can it wait until later? Add a few convenient bells and whistles such as vivid, clear, TFT screen ), fitness tracking, weather, heart rate monitor, and remote music control, to name a few, make it IOS and Android compatible, give it a solid 3 day minimum battery life, a built in USB charging cable in the strap, all at the cost of an inexpensive regular watch, and you have everything anybody really needs in a smart watch.  This Alcatel one Touch Smart watch has all the basic capabilities.

Alcatel One Touch – Best Cheap Smartwatch Review

Enjoy the freedom of getting all of your important updates right on your wrist. With a light vibration alert, you will receive notifications from social media, incoming calls, text messages, emails and more, allowing you to get a view to what matters at a glance. You can even silence or reject a call right from  The best cheap avoid spoiling the moment.

Best Cheap Smartwatch –  Alcatel Onetouch

Thickness of watch-face: 10.5 mm
Diameter of watch-face: 41.8 mm
Thickness of wristband: 3.5 mm
Width of wristband: 20 mm


1. The battery life is amazing. It will last 2-5 days easy, unlike the Apple and Motorola watches that have to be charged every day.

2. Notifications are fast and simple to read – ability to decline calls from watch

3. Have basic but effective apps such as a fitness app, weather app, compass, etc – customizable watch face
4. Charging cable built into the wrist strap is amazing. You can just charge it where ever you are at when it does finally die, such as your car, office, home, or where ever there is a USB port. It FULLY charges in 1 hour.
Cons: No reply back feature – no answering feature – Takes a while for weather app to find location – sometimes(but rarely) has trouble connecting to phone.

All in all, You will love this watch, and for the price, it’s functional, stylish, and it gets the job done

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